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Water Cooler for Your Office

Located in Reno and serving the Northern Nevada region, The Cooler Company provides the best in office water systems. We deliver the most refreshing and hygienic water possible, and at very reasonable prices.

Water Filtration Services

To ensure the best possible quality water, The Cooler Company uses dry filtration systems. We are the only company in the area to offer these. Unlike the systems we replace that have reservoirs that store water, dry filtration systems do not use those familiar large storage bottles. This means that there is no opportunity for bacteria build-up, and your water comes freshly filtered and cooled on demand. Our rapid hot water option provides water heated to 182 degrees, and our sparkling water option is the perfect alternative to soft drinks. Our filters remove unpleasant tastes and odors, as well as:

• Sediment
• Lead
• Chlorine
• Cysts
• VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)
• MBTE Gas
ION Bottleless Water Cooler with CarbonPlus Filter
ION Bottleless Water Cooler Package ION Bottleless Water Cooler Back Panel ION Bottleless Water Coolers in Different Colors

Save Money on Water

In addition to providing superior quality, we also save you money! The water purification systems we install cost approximately 50% as much to run as the systems we replace, even though ours provide an unlimited cooling capacity. Our rental prices are very reasonable as well, costing as little as $39 a month! Our rental prices include:

• Unlimited Water • Filters and Services